Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sisters suck

Yea, I know, some people are lucky and have the best sisters in the world or wish they had a sister but if anyone had my sister, they'd want to choke her to death.

She's been married for 14 years to the biggest prick that ever walked the face of the earth. I've tried my hardest to befriend him but I can't. Their idea of fun is the bar, their motorcycle, degrading there kids, slutting around or just being cruel to anyone and everyone they come across.
I used to do the bar hopping with them but there is no trust between the two of them. If either looks at someone and no, it don't matter if it's the same sex or not, the shit hits the fan. They do nothing but fight. If my cousin and her hubby are there, then they sit and fondle each other like it's there last day on earth. It's absolutley disgusting.

The last time I went out with them, my brother in law was buying drinks for this girl. Later on, my sister was going on about kicking the girls butt and how I was going to help her. When I had went up to the bar to get a drink, the girl (whom I knew from high school) asked me who the guy was, the guy being my brother in law. I told her and then thats when I found out he had been buying her drinks. She had no clue he was married because of course, my sister and him don't act like they are married. When I went back to the table and confronted my brother in law, he said he was just having fun. I told him he better stop because his wife was about to kick the girls butt because she kept looking at him but my sister had no freaking clue what was going on.

I never did say anything to my sister, I kept my mouth shut. By the end of the night, I was branded the bitch by my brother in law because I found out his dirty little secret and by my sister because I wouldn't defend her honor.. Total crap. Regardless of what happened, my hubby and I had to much to drink and my sister had to take us home. The next day they came and got my hubby to take him to get our car. My nephew was with them and he asked my hubby what happened the night before because his parents were so mad at me (hahaha.. go figure). He was clueless. My sister and brother in law, being the wonderful people they are, prohibited me from seeing there kids from that day on. That was in July a few years ago and I never got to be around the kids until they came back the following year.

They would lock the kids outside while they went to work and they didn't know that I was going over while they were gone and taking the kids odds and ends things. I'd take them lunch so we could have lunch together and stuff for rootbeer floats. If they would of ever found out, the kids would be dead as well as me. I didn't care though, the kids mean the world to me.

Now, they have there newest edition. She'll be 1 year in Aug. The same crap goes on and still I try to keep everything peachy keen because I don't want miss out on her. I dislike my aunts and uncles, well all but 1 uncle and his wife. I refuse to have anything to do with most of my family and I don't want my nephews and niece's to feel the same way about me. As long as the kids want to be part of my life, they will be and I won't let my sister stop me.

If I was the one that caused all the problems or had problems and make things hard on them, I could understand but it's not like that. All the things my sister and brother in law have against me, are stupid things. Like right now they won't mess with my mom because my mom said something to my 16 yro nephew about getting emancipated. I don't know why my nephew said anything to begin with knowing how his parents are but it's past the point of fixing. The only reason she said that was because my nephew is 16 and they are now pulling him out of school to work with them and he don't want to, he wants to go to school. My 17 yro nephew has been out of school since he was 14 because of his parents.

So in other words, it's keep my mouth shut so I can see the kids and be around them. Be there built in babysitter, run there errands (there gas got turned off and I had to sit at there house and wait for the gas co. to show up and turn it on) or any of the other crap I do for them or wash my hands of them.

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